Saturday, 20 April 2013

Double Acted: Setting the scene

For my double acted piece I chose to use the Morphy rig created by Josh Burton as it's a very flexible rig and I've used it in the past so I'm familiar with the controls. After tweaking the two rigs to my liking in separate files, I referenced them into my scene file which I've populated with prop models from sites such as Turbosquid and Creative Crash.

I wanted to keep the chairs as separate objects, so that I can animate a little bit of bounce in the seat separate from the base when a character sits in or gets out of a chair. To do this I simply set up a parent constraint so that I can still control the chair as a whole when moving or rotating it in the scene, but which I can turn off when need be.

When I came to animated my blockout of the scene I came across a problem, my audio clip wouldn't play in Maya, despite the fact that it was a wav and appeared to have the right settings. I found a replacement online to use instead, this too was a wav, but for some reason this one played fine in Maya.

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