Friday, 12 April 2013

Business: Ultimate Image

As another submission for the business module I had to create an 'ultimate image', which is like a promotional poster to demonstrate my skills and abilities. I struggled with this project to start with as I didn't have any ideas to show my skills as an animator in a still format. After looking at a great deal of film posters and album artwork I was inspired by posters that featured reflections as part of their design. Although I explored a few variations on this idea, I didn't really experiment with any other formats, which perhaps I should of done.

However I'm very happy with the outcome of my ultimate image, by showing the rig controls and the thumbnails reflected in the ink wash below it's clear that I'm an animator and not a rigger or modeler. I chose blue to correspond with my business card and the ink backdrop as a lot of my graphics work in college featured this effect and it's something I enjoy doing. I also think the layout works well as I carefully laid out the different elements of the design with diagonals and the rule of thirds in mind. The only possible improvements I can think of are on the renders themselves, the posing could be tweaked further and the colour balance improved but overall I think it's a solid design.

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