Friday, 22 February 2013

Business: CV, cover letter, business card

As part of our business module we had to produce a business card, CV and covering letter. Unfortunately I spent a little too much time on the writing part and not enough on the design. The content is there now at least, but I'll definitely be working on the design a whole lot more before I send these out to any potential employers.

The purpose of the business card is to act as a handshake and introduce ourselves to an employer whilst showing our skills and personality. I chose the colour blue as it is my favourite and is often viewed as a calming colour. Instead of using a render of a still I instead chose to use an animation thumbnail as the main focal point of the front of my business card. My reason for this is that I didn't want to be mistaken for a modeler or a rigger, despite the fact that my area of expertise is stated on the card, it is the image that most people will look at first. I didn't really know what to do for the back which is why it looks so plain, so I'll definitely be rethinking that aspect of the design.


As I spent too long on the the writing I didn't give much thought to the design of the CV and covering letter. I made them match the business card in terms of colour scheme and the use of thumbnail drawings, but I didn't give much thought to the layout which is fairly boring as a result. I think that this is the design element that needs the most change, so at some point I'll be reworking these a lot to make them more interesting and stand out.

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