Sunday, 3 March 2013

Production: Summary

The work I did for the pre production module feeds directly into the production module I'll be focusing on until the end of the year. Since most of my posts with be about this module I figured it would be a good idea to post a brief summary first to explain what I'm working on.

Production, or major project as the module is sometimes called, is a submission consisting of four main components. Two of these components must be collaborative projects with other students or industry, and each one is usually specific to the student's chosen pathway. For example, a modeler might model and texture a character as one project, and an animator may choose to rig a character or produce a piece of animation as one project's worth of work.

For my major project work I'm producing three pieces of collaborative work on the game Echoes with my classmates, and one personal project.

Creative Creature
This project consists of 15-20 seconds of animation to be used in game on the dragon character created by Ruth Beresford and rigged by Joe Hornsby.

Again this project is 15-20 of game animations, this time for the fae and centaur characters made by Dean Paupe and rigged by Joe and Matt Watson respectively.

Advanced Lighting
For this project I am lighting two scenes in Maya for use as game cinematics using environments created by Ruth and animations provided by Hollie Sheppard.

Double Acted
For my personal project I have taken a 15 second sound clip and I am animating a small scene between two characters to the dialogue.

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